Twin English Centre London

Twin English Centre London

Our year-round London school is located in the Greenwich Centre, in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. With easy access to activities and landmarks in the UK’s capital, this centre offers a great chance for young learners to use their newly learned skills in real world scenarios.

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An exciting modern school with great connections: Twin English Centre London.

Surrounded by landmarks and destinations, our London school is a fantastic choice for visitors to experience the melting pot city of London. With a range of courses to fit all needs, there’s really something for everyone here.

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Boost your English proficiency with our summer school courses.

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Make global connections and participate in cultural exchange.


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Only 20 minutes by train to Central London. Discover everything the city has to offer!

What's Included?

Our year-round centres offer a range of courses, including Junior English, Young Entrepreneur, and Parent and Junior English.

All of our courses include:

  • Certificate of attendance - awarded upon completion of the course
  • On-request personalised assessment - progress report giving an assessment of your progress in all of the main study areas
  • Access to Twin e-Learning - our very own virtual learning environment. Access available from the time of booking until three months after completion of the course
  • Twin social programme - a variety of events, activities and outings every week, many of which are free 

About Twin English Centre London

Our London school shares the Greenwich centre with some great facilities, such as a gym and a public library.

This centre offers a wide range of courses, both on fixed dates and year-round, so no matter when you come and study with us, there is sure to be a course for you.

Central London is just 20 minutes away, with loads of world famous destinations. The nearest airports to our London English centre are City Airport (20 minutes) and Heathrow (1 hour 15 minutes).

We’re pleased to offer the following facilities:

  • 20 Classrooms
  • Self-Study Area
  • Public Library
    Located on Ground Floor of The Greenwich Centre
  • Prayer Room
  • Fitness Centre*
  • Swimming Pool*
  • Disabled Access

The school is located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, providing access to the nearby Greenwich market as well as a historic experience in visiting the nearby Cutty Sark or the National Maritime Museum.

The safety and well-being of students is our highest priority. Our London English Centre is accredited, and our safeguarding standards are enforced with the following:

  • 24-hour emergency contact number.
  • All activities and excursions adhere to adult to child supervision ratios of:
    - 9-12 years – One adult to eight children
    - 13-18 years – One adult to ten children
  • Individual students assigned to a dedicated Twin Group Leader
  • Safeguarding Lead on duty in each centre at all times.
  • Staff recruitment is conducted by NSPCC-trained staff.
  • Police and background checks are carried out on each member of staff.

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Accommodation in Twin English Centre London

When studying at our London English centre, students can choose between homestay and residential accommodation. Both options are affordable, welcoming experiences with full-board and half-board options available.

Students should remember to bring an adaptor (Europe to UK/Ireland) for all their electronic/charging needs, comfortable shoes for walking tours, toiletries, a waterproof jacket, and some warm clothes for colder days and nights.

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Explore London

You’ll have plenty of time to explore Greenwich and the rest of London during your stay. There are a wide variety of trips and activities available for a unique cultural and English language experience. Below, you'll see information about activities surrounding our London English Centre, details of transport links and some ideas for exciting trips to take during your stay.

Around Our Centre

Our London English Centre is located in Greenwich in south-east London, just 5 miles (8 km) away from the city centre.
There are plenty of events and attractions within Greenwich - with a strong history, Greenwich is home to several important landmarks, including the Royal Observatory and the Cutty Sark ship.
You can also explore pubs, restaurants, and shops before heading to the famous Greenwich Market.

Explore More Destinations for Young Learners

Young learners can also experience a language learning adventure in the following locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll have the chance to learn English in our 18th-century mansion, enjoy seaside living, diverse activities, and international friendships for an unforgettable summer experience.

For many students a visa for short stays isn’t necessary. However, check your country's requirements or consult with our team for personalised guidance on visa-related matters.

Our summer school welcomes students aged 11-18, creating a diverse community of young learners eager to explore, learn, and make lifelong memories.

Pack essentials like comfortable clothing, toiletries, and personal items – and don't forget your enthusiasm!

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