Twin Summer Centres – Dublin

Twin Summer Centres – Dublin

Start your learning adventure with Twin Dublin Summer Centre – the ultimate English summer school in Dublin. Our courses offer a mix of education and cultural exploration for juniors. Join us for an exciting summer programme designed to improve language skills, explore the city, and make connections.

Welcome to Twin Dublin Summer Centre – where education meets adventure in Ireland's exciting capital.

Learn English and Discover Culture in Dublin

Improve your English in Dublin with our summer courses. Dive into the exciting culture of Ireland's capital: create lasting memories, make friends, and enhance your skills through our summer program. Explore Dublin, try new activities, and participate in diverse cultures – all while improving your language abilities. We ensure students have a memorable experience by mixing fun activities and trips with effective English learning.

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Why Choose Twin?

Shooting Star

Boost Your English Abilities

Elevate your English skills with engaging courses at Twin Dublin Summer Centre.

Globe Hemisphere East

Make International Connections

Create global connections as you make friends from around the world.


Explore Unique Dublin

Discover the charm of Dublin, with rich history and modern attractions.

What's Included?

All packages at our Dublin Summer Centre include the following:

  • Full-board residential accommodation
  • 40 lessons / 30 hours of English language tuition in a two-week (13-night) programme
  • A placement test for more personalised learning
  • Morning or afternoon, and evening social activities
  • End-of-course certificate to mark your achievements

Available Packages

All packages at our Dublin Summer Centre include the following:

  • Full-board residential accommodation
  • 40 lessons / 30 hours of English language tuition in a two-week (13-night) programme
  • A placement test for more personalised learning
  • Afternoon and evening social activities
  • End-of-course certificate to mark your achievements

About the Twin Dublin Summer Centre

The King’s Hospital, one of Ireland’s most famous boarding schools, was founded in 1669. It occupies a 40-hectare wooded site on the banks of the River Liffey. With views of the woods and river, it’s just 20 minutes from Dublin city centre. The nearest airports include: Dublin Airport (15/20 mins), Belfast (2 hrs), Shannon (2 hrs 30 mins).

Here at Twin Dublin Summer Centre, we offer the following:

  • A heated indoor swimming pool
  • Extensive sports facilities: rugby, football, volleyball pitches, basketball and tennis courts, and a state-of-the-art indoor gym
  • Large enclosed grounds with plenty of green areas
  • Easy access to Dublin city centre
  • On-site cafeteria and dining hall
  • Bright classrooms

Student safety and well-being is always a priority for us here at Twin.

  • Coded access security system for sleeping areas
  • 24-hour emergency contact number
  • Minimum overall adult-to-child supervision ratio of 1:10
  • Individual students assigned to a dedicated Twin Group Leader
  • On-duty safeguarding Lead at all times
  • Staff recruitment is carried out by staff trained in UK NSPCC Safer Recruitment
  • Police checks conducted on all staff

Our vibrant community of students, ranging from 10 to 17 years old, comes from around the world. They join us here at Twin Dublin Summer Centre to make friends, embark on exciting adventures, and enhance their English language skills. Whether exploring Dublin or engaging in social programs, every student contributes to a memorable, unique experience.

Dublin Summer Centre Overview


Student Age


Calendar Blank


2nd-29th July


Max Bed Capacity

200 Beds

Moon Stars

Room Type

Single en-suite bathroom

Map Pin Line

Class Location


Fork Knife

Meals (On-Site)

Choice of Two Mains + Dessert, Fruit, Drinks

Coat Hanger


On-site (for a small fee)

Dublin Summer Centre Sample Programme

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Full-Day Excursion

Activities on Campus (Bronze Package)

Full-Day Excursion (Platinum Package)

Half-Day Excursion
Campus Activities
Half-Day Excursion
Half-Day Excursion
Campus Activites
Welcome Night
Picture Hunt
Casino Night
Building Competition
Film Night
Scavenger Hunt
Get Ready for Bed

See What Our Young Learners Have to Say

Summer School Accommodation in Dublin

For young learners, our Dublin summer centre provides residential (in-centre) accommodation as part of the course package. This accommodation is all pre-arranged, and students will stay in the centre throughout their program. Separate spaces are designated for boys and girls.

See Our Dublin Summer Centre

Explore Dublin

Discover Dublin's history and culture with our supervised excursions. Students can explore the city through guided trips, and enjoy Dublin's landmarks, atmosphere, and attractions.

Included in the package are four half-day excursions to locations in Dublin city centre and the greater Dublin area. Plus, enjoy two full-day excursions to experience nearby cities like Galway (2 hrs 30 mins) and Kilkenny (2 hrs).

Around the Dublin Summer Centre

Explore the surroundings of the Dublin Summer Centre, offering activities and attractions:

  • Go shopping at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
  • Taste local cuisine at nearby restaurants and cafes
  • Nature lovers can unwind at Waterstown Park with scenic walks and greenery
  • Relax in the 100-acre wooded site on the banks of the River Liffey

Main Attractions

Here at Twin Dublin Summer Centre, the following attractions are all nearby:

Explore the historic Dublin Castle, a symbol of Ireland's past and architecture.

See the stunning Christ Church Cathedral, an iconic medieval landmark.

Dive into Irish folklore and magical tales at the Leprechaun museum.

Day Trips and Excursions

In addition, we’re pleased to offer the following trips and excursions:

Discover local highlights in our half-day excursions, exploring nearby gems and cultural hotspots.

Our full-day adventures to picturesque destinations outside Dublin are a great way to see Ireland's natural beauty and history.

Explore More Destinations for Young Learners

As well as Dublin, we offer young learner experiences in the following locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Twin, our Dublin Summer Centre, offers an exciting mix of English learning, cultural discovery, and international friendships. Experience the best of Ireland in a safe, accredited environment.

Most students from non-European Union countries will require a visa to study at Twin's Dublin Summer Centre. Contact our admissions team for personalised visa guidance and assistance.

Yes, Twin Dublin English Centre is accredited by ACELS and is a proud member of MEI (Marketing English in Ireland). You can be confident in our commitment to delivering high-quality English language courses.

Our Dublin summer school is designed for students aged 11 to 18, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for young learners to improve their English skills and create a memorable summer experience.

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