Twin Summer Centre - Eastbourne

Twin Summer Centre - Eastbourne

Discover the joy and adventure of learning English with our summer programme in the peaceful seaside town of Eastbourne. Make international friends, experience exciting activities, and enhance your language skills with Twin.

Start the Adventure: Our Summer School in Eastbourne

Join our English summer course in Eastbourne, where learning meets exploration and exciting opportunities. Our programmes bring together language learning, comfortable accommodation, unique activities, and fun excursions.

As students explore and learn more about Britain, they’ll have the perfect opportunity to practise English outside the classroom, making their summer school experience truly unforgettable. Your summer starts here at Twin Eastbourne Summer Centre!

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Why Choose Twin?

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Level-Up Your English Abilities

Boost your English proficiency with our summer school courses.

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Connect With Students From Around the World

Make global connections and participate in cultural exchange.


Explore the Seaside in Eastbourne

Discover Eastbourne's coastal beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

What's Included?

All packages at our Eastbourne Summer Centre include the following:

  • Full-board residential accommodation
  • 40 lessons / 30 hours of English language tuition in a two-week (13-night) programme
  • A placement test for more personalised learning
  • Morning or afternoon, and evening social activities
  • A certificate to mark the completion of the course

Available Packages

In addition to the above, choose the right level of activities and excursions to get the most out of summer.

About the Twin Eastbourne Summer Centre

Here at Twin, our Eastbourne Summer Centre is hosted at our incredible 18th-century English mansion. The building has a history of royal and political guests, and gives students the chance to enjoy seaside studying among beautiful grounds.

Nearest airports: Heathrow - 1hr 45mins, Gatwick - 1hr 10mins, Stansted - 2hr 20mins

We’re pleased to offer the following facilities:

  • 21 well-lit classrooms
  • Dining hall
  • Common area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tennis courts
  • Seven-a-side football pitch
  • Sports Hall
  • Basketball Court
  • Library
  • Study centre
  • 10-hectare private grounds

At Twin, student safety and well-being is always our priority.

  • 24-hour emergency contact number available
  • Minimum overall adult-to-child supervision ratio of 1:10
  • Individual students assigned to a dedicated Twin Group Leader
  • Safeguarding Lead on duty in each centre
  • Staff recruitment carried out by NSPCC-trained staff
  • Police checks on all staff

We’re pleased to welcome students aged 8-17 from around the world, creating a truly diverse and engaging atmosphere. Designed for young learners seeking unforgettable experiences, our summer school is perfect for making friends, exploring cultures, and enhancing English skills.

Eastbourne Summer Centre Overview


Student Age


Calendar Blank


14th June - 5th September


Max Bed Capacity

170 beds

Moon Stars

Room type

Dormitory Room - Shared Bathroom

Map Pin Line

Class location


Fork Knife

Meals (On-Site)

Choice of two Mains + Dessert, Fruit, Drinks

Coat Hanger


On-Site (For a Small Fee)

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Eastbourne Summer Programmes

Twin Summer Centre - Eastbourne

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Full-Day Excursion

Activities on campus (Bronze Package)
Full-Day Excursion (Platinum Package)

Half-Day Excursion

Activities on Campus (Bronze Package)

Half-Day Excursion (Platinum Package)

Welcome Night
Picture Hunt
Casino Night
Building Competition
Scavenger Hunt
Film Night
Get Ready for Bed

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Summer School Accommodation in Eastbourne

For young learners, our Eastbourne summer centre provides residential (in-centre) accommodation as part of the course package.

Our accommodation is on the top floor of our school building, where Queen Elizabeth II once stayed. Rooms accommodate four to twelve students, offering shared bathroom facilities.

This accommodation is all pre-arranged, and students will stay in the centre throughout their program.

See Our Eastbourne Summer Centre

Around the Eastbourne Summer Centre

You’ll have easy access to peaceful green spaces, scenic walks, and a pond. Plus, you can enjoy the nearby seaside and pier, and explore local attractions like a gym, shopping centre, pubs, restaurants, and cafes — all within a 15-minute journey.

Main Attractions

Living in Eastbourne gives you quick access to the following famous attractions:

The iconic Eastbourne Pier, with stunning views, amusements, and lively atmosphere. A must-visit destination for residents.

The picturesque Sovereign Harbour offers a scenic waterfront, marina, and a variety of dining and leisure options.

Day Trips and Excursions

In addition, attending the Twin Eastbourne Summer Centre means you’ll have the chance to enjoy these trips and excursions.

Enjoy an exciting day trip to London. Explore landmarks, experience culture, and feel the atmosphere of the UK capital.

The lively seaside city of Brighton includes the famous pier, interesting shops, and beautiful beaches, just a short journey from Eastbourne.

Explore the historic town of Hastings, known for its medieval Old Town, iconic castle, and beautiful seafront.

Or relax in the natural beauty of Seven Sisters Country Park, with its stunning cliffs, green hills, and stunning coastal landscapes.

Explore More Destinations for Young Learners

Young learners can also experience a language learning adventure in the following locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll have the chance to learn English in our 18th-century mansion, enjoy seaside living, diverse activities, and international friendships for an unforgettable summer experience.

For many students a visa for short stays isn’t necessary. However, check your country's requirements or consult with our team for personalised guidance on visa-related matters.

Our summer school welcomes students aged 11-18, creating a diverse community of young learners eager to explore, learn, and make lifelong memories.

Pack essentials like comfortable clothing, toiletries, and personal items – and don't forget your enthusiasm!

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