Twin Summer English Courses For Juniors

Twin Summer English Courses For Juniors

A summer adventure for juniors. Improve your English language skills, experience culture, and meet other young learners. Learn English in the UK or Ireland this summer.

Experience a New Culture and Learn English

Enjoy English classes to help improve your conversation, pronunciation, reading, grammar and confidence! Make new connections this summer with Twin, offering so much more than classroom learning.

Find the Perfect Course – Our Junior English Programmes

Discover our range of summer courses, designed for young learners of all skill levels. From improving English proficiency to specialised exam preparation, our programmes offer a practical approach to learning and engaging cultural activities. Our qualifications and accreditations represent the quality of our courses; learn more below.

Why Study With Twin?

Choose from our range of international courses in the UK and Ireland, ensuring an immersive language learning adventure. The Twin experience blends English language skills with cultural exploration, and we always prioritise the safety and well-being of our young learners.

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Connect With Other Young Learners

Make new friends and share unforgettable experiences in the UK and Ireland.

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Accelerate Your English Communication

Practise your skills in real-world situations, interacting with native speakers.

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Visit Iconic Locations in the UK and Ireland

Education doesn’t end in the classroom. Visit world-famous sites.

Cultural and Language Immersion

Why study in an English-speaking country? With us, learning extends beyond the classroom. You’ll enjoy a range of activities and excursions, including famous locations such as London, Dublin, Eastbourne, Brighton, Oxford, Edinburgh (and more!), exploring the rich culture of British and Irish culture. Build confidence, make lifelong friends, and have an unforgettable experience boosting your communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Junior Summer English Courses welcome young learners aged 10-18.

No – our courses cater to students from elementary to advanced levels.

We’ll provide any information you might need before your arrival. Some students may require a visa; please do check specific country requirements to be sure.

Safety, well-being, and happiness is the priority for all our students, and that’s especially true for those aged 17 and under. Comprehensive care and support measures are in place

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