Bildungsurlaub (BU) is a programme run by the German Government, allowing paid workers to take time off each year for full-time study.

Why choose Twin for Bildungsurlaub?

Students on a Bildungsurlaub course can study one of our full time courses for the two week period. We have courses designed exclusively to maximise English Language skills learnt, as well as courses with more specialised goals.

When learning English, it’s best to study in an English-speaking country. This means you’ll be surrounded by opportunities to practise your English, with real world context and situations. Not only will this help you learn quickly, it will make your learning more robust and highlight the real world applications of your language use. You also get the experience of travelling to the UK or Ireland and experiencing a totally different culture than your own.

How Does Bildungsurlaub Work?

Employees in any German state except Sachsen and Bayern who have worked for an employer for at least six months (12 months in Baden-Württemberg) are eligible for five days of BU each year. Most states allow employees to take ten days every two years, allowing for an intensive 2-week course in one trip.

The states we have gained accreditation to host Bildungsurlaub candidates from are:

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Hessen (by decree of Niedersachsen)
  • Niedersachsen
  • Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Saarland (by decree of Niedersachsen)
  • Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Schleswig-Holstein


We prioritise the safety and well-being of our students. We have a number of measures in place to make sure our students are safe and happy during their time with us. For those under 18 we provide additional care and support.

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