Intensive English: Increase Your Language Skills

Intensive English: Increase Your Language Skills

Master Intensive English abroad in London, Eastbourne, and Dublin. Boost your skills in a focused and encouraging environment for adults.

The Intensive English Experience with Twin

Immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment with Twin's Intensive English Course. Beyond language learning, you’ll enjoy a cultural experience, exploring London, Eastbourne, or Dublin.

The course content, centred on contemporary subjects, encourages language proficiency through engaging debates, discussions, and presentations. With extended class hours, you'll experience structured learning, and enjoy lessons in specialised areas, further improving your language skills. Plus, gain exclusive access to our Twin e-learning platform, providing a valuable resource for learning and practice.

Why Choose Twin?

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Accelerated Learning

Our Intensive English course provides more class time, enabling you to progress at a faster pace.


Targeted Subjects

Benefit from additional lessons in specific subject matter, tailored to your interests and goals.

Monitor Play

Enhanced Resources

Gain access to our Twin e-learning platform for supplementary learning and practice.

Why Study Intensive English?

Choosing our Intensive English course means immersing yourself in 28 lessons per week, with 20 Standard English lessons and 8 elective afternoon modules. These sessions, carefully designed for an advanced learning experience, touch on contemporary topics, and will include debates, discussions, and presentations.

• More class time for structured learning

• Improve your English level at a faster pace

• Additional lessons in specific subject matter

• Access to our Twin e-learning platform

Course Overview

Available at all three of our schools – London, Eastbourne, and Dublin – our Intensive English course will help you improve your key English skills in an encouraging and focused environment.

The course structure is divided into morning sessions and afternoon electives, with options varying by location. This focused approach ensures that you not only enhance your English language comprehension and fluency, but also gain specific knowledge in areas that matter most to you. With Twin, you will accelerate your English proficiency and broaden your skill set in an encouraging environment.

What's Included?

Enhance your English skills with Twin's Intensive English course. Here’s what’s included:

  • Language placement assessment for accurate class placement
  • Weekly progress tests and monthly tutorials for tailored learning
  • A certificate upon successful course completion (80% attendance required)
  • Personalised progress report for comprehensive feedback (upon request)
  • Access to Twin's e-Learning platform for extended learning support
  • An exciting social program with diverse weekly activities

Fast Facts

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London, Dublin, Eastbourne

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English Levels

Beginner to Advanced


Age Range


Users Three

Class Size

Max 15



28/Week (21 Hours)

Calendar Blank


Year-Round for Closed Group Bookings

Intensive English Available Electives

You will attend General English classes in the morning while your afternoon classes will be tailored to the group and cover a variety of topics.

You can choose your afternoon modules from the following:

Pricing and Fees

Lessons/Hours Per Week
1-4 Weeks
5-11 Weeks
12-23 Weeks
24+ Weeks
Intensive English + IELTS Preparation

20 Lessons/15 Hours General English
8 Lessons/6 Hours IELTS Preparation

Intensive English + Communication Skills

20 Lessons/15 Hours General English
8 Lessons/6 Hours Communication Skills

Intensive English + English For Careers

20 Lessons/15 Hours General English
8 Lessons/6 Hours English For Careers


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Vibrant Locations for Intensive English Learning

Experience our Intensive English Course in London, Eastbourne, or Dublin. Immerse yourself in language learning in these vibrant cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Intensive English course offers more class hours per week, allowing for a faster learning pace and additional specialised lessons in subjects of interest. It's designed for those seeking a deeper language immersion experience.

No, there are no specific requirements. This course is tailored for adults looking to enhance their English skills in an immersive environment.

Twin provides a range of accommodation options suitable for those enrolled in the Intensive English course. From homestays to student residences, we offer choices to suit various preferences and budgets.

Upon successful completion of the Intensive English course, you'll receive a certificate of attendance, acknowledging your dedication and progress in advancing your language skills.

We have a number of measures in place to make sure our students are safe and happy during their time with us.

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