English For Careers: Explore Our Business English Course

English For Careers: Explore Our Business English Course

Boost your workplace English with our English for Careers course for adults. Apply your skills in real-world business situations outside the classroom.

Maximise Career Potential with English for Careers

Unlock new career opportunities with our English for Careers course. English is spoken globally, and mastering it can open doors to higher earning potential and international career prospects.

Our curriculum covers essential skills like email writing, telephone skills, and creating effective presentations, helping you perform better in professional settings. With certified instructors and quality teaching materials, you'll gain the confidence needed to succeed in the business world.

Why Choose Twin?


Made For Professional Growth

Receive support and tips for CV writing, job applications, and interviews.

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Real-World Practice

Apply your English skills in realistic job-related situations.

Chalkboard Teacher

Expert Guidance

Receive support and tips for CV writing, job applications, and interviews.

Why Study English For Careers?

Designed for non-native English speakers, this course focuses on key areas such as business communication, writing professional emails, participating in meetings, and handling workplace interactions with confidence.

We’ll also provide full support in the job application process, including writing successful CVs and role-playing interviews.

Note that this course is offered as a part time course or as an afternoon elective for the Twin Intensive English course.

Course Overview

Our English for Careers course aims to provide learners with the language skills they need for success in the professional world.

Whether you're currently working or seeking new opportunities, this course will improve your ability to communicate in various business situations. You'll learn valuable business English skills, enhance your vocabulary, and develop effective communication strategies that you can apply directly in the workplace.

What’s Included?

Choose the English for Careers course at Twin, designed to enhance your workplace communication skills. Here’s what’s included:

  • Language placement assessment, including grammar and writing
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course (80% attendance required)
  • Access to Twin e-Learning
  • The Twin social programme full of events, activities and outings
  • A progress report, available upon request

Fast Facts

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London, Dublin, Eastbourne

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English Levels



Age Range


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Class Size

Max 15

Other Available Electives

English for Careers is an optional afternoon elective for our Twin Intensive English course, alongside the following:

Pricing and Fees

Lessons/Hours Per Week
1-4 Weeks
5-11 Weeks
12-23 Weeks
24+ Weeks
General English + English For Careers

28 Lessons
21 Hours

Part Time English For Careers

8 Lessons
6 Hours


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Discover our English for Careers course in places like London, Eastbourne, and Dublin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students are expected to have intermediate (or above) English language skills.

The course is ideal for anyone who uses English in their job or is looking for a job in an English-speaking environment. It is designed for non-native speakers, business professionals, and learners seeking to excel in English for the workplace.

While you may be proficient in general English, a Business English Course focuses on specific vocabulary, communication skills, and business-related topics that are essential in a professional environment. This course is designed to help you navigate business communication with confidence and effectiveness.

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