Professional Development for English Teachers and Educational Staff

Professional Development for English Teachers and Educational Staff

Our courses are designed to help boost your teaching career with enhanced classroom performance and improved English skills. Delivered in Dublin, they are all suitable for Erasmus + funding courses but would also be relevant for teachers around the world.

All specialist courses below are available with an additional week of Intensive English tuition.

English Teacher Training and Development Courses

Increase your teaching skills with our comprehensive English teacher training and development courses.

Our commitment to enhancing your career is reflected in a selection of courses, catering to English teachers globally. All courses provide options for English language tuition, ensuring a complete approach to your professional growth.

Explore a wide range of topics, each offering flexible durations and start dates throughout the year. Join us in transforming your teaching skills and confidence in the classroom.

Why Choose Twin?

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Advance Your Teaching Career

Become the best teacher you can be and realise your professional goals

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10+ Years Boosting Educator Skills

We’ve been providing English teacher training courses for over a decade

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Connect With Teachers Around the World

Network with a global community and experience new cultures

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Extra Help to Secure funding

Your school or college can apply for €250 to cover the cost of applying for funding. With Twin, we provide you with a package that includes the relevant application almost complete.

Available English Teacher Training Courses

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Accelerating Your Career as a Language Teacher

Unlock new opportunities with our professional development courses. Here's why educators worldwide choose us:

  • Global Citizenship Focus: Prepare students for a connected world and career success.
  • Proven Track Record: We offer extensive experience in quality courses designed for the needs of language teachers.
  • Increased Course Selection: Explore our enhanced course portfolio, offering a wide range of options.
  • Tailored Support: We support schools in addressing needs outlined in their European Development Plan.

Our Locations

Our English teacher training courses are offered in a number of locations across the UK and Ireland. Some courses are only available in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer fixed dates in Dublin or on-demand courses for closed groups in all locations. Contact us to learn more.

We’re proud to offer an exciting and dynamic learning environment. Developed by our experienced school directors, our courses empower educators with new skills and tools, combining years of expertise with the latest theories, practices, and technology.

Our courses cater to Intermediate to Advanced English levels.

All our courses align with Erasmus+ requirements, offering global and EU teachers a high-quality training experience. From detailed documentation, including Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement and Quality Commitment, to expert support for the sending school, our courses meet the highest standards. Twin’s Teacher Training courses in Dublin also qualify for Erasmus+ Key Action (KA1) decentralised activities funding for teachers.

Designed for both individuals and groups, our courses offer the flexibility to meet your individual learning preferences.

We always provide pre-arrival information, providing practical advice to help you get ready for your chosen course. Our sessions promote cultural diversity awareness, transnational cooperation, and the exchange of best practices, fostering an interest in intercultural communication.

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