Practice of Project Based Learning for Language Teachers

Practice of Project Based Learning for Language Teachers

Twin Teacher Training Course

Master Project Based Learning for language teaching, and develop the confidence to implement it in your classroom!

Your Project Based Learning Journey with Twin

Join our Project Based Learning course for language teachers and unlock a variety of benefits. Develop confidence in implementing tailored strategies, gaining insights into student requirements.

Participate in real-world projects, create a digital portfolio, and share experiences with professionals from diverse European backgrounds, further enhancing your teaching abilities. This comprehensive course refines teaching practices and unlocks the full potential of Project Based Learning in the classroom.

Why Choose Twin?

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Expert Guidance

Learn from experienced educators in a supportive environment.

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Hands-On Approach

Develop practical skills through immersive Project Based Learning workshops.

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International Network

Connect with professionals from across Europe for diverse perspectives.

Why Study Practice of Project Based Learning?

Engage with peers from diverse backgrounds and build a valuable portfolio of project ideas for immediate application in your school. Elevate your teaching approach with this enriching course from Twin.

Course Overview

Dive into the world of Project Based Learning (PBL) in language teaching with our comprehensive course. Tailored for language educators, this program equips you with essential skills and strategies to seamlessly integrate PBL into your classroom.

Through dynamic methodologies and practical projects, you'll gain a deep understanding of PBL concepts and its effective implementation. By the end, you'll be ready to present your own project, providing a real-world demonstration of your newfound expertise.

Fast Facts

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(London for closed groups)

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English Levels

Upper Intermediate-Advanced



One Week or Two Weeks

What’s Included?

The Practice of Project Based Learning course includes:

  • Explore key concepts and definitions of PBL
  • Create a digital portfolio
  • Understand the stages in planning and implementing a project
  • Learn to develop projects in the classroom and develop cross-curricular projects
  • Integrate technology into project development and use web tools to design projects

Objectives and Outcomes

This course is crafted for language teachers, trainers and educators seeking to enhance their teaching methods and skills in a supportive, creative environment. Professionals from various European countries will find this course extremely beneficial for their professional growth.

  • To familiarise the participants with key concepts and issues in Project Based Learning
  • To help develop participants’ skills in implementing Project Based Learning in the classroom
  • To increase participants’ skill and confidence in the use of tech tools used in Project Based Learning
  • To cover a variety of school projects for subjects such as English, geography and history with a focus on the tools and resources needed to make Project Based Learning accessible to learners through English
  • To provide opportunities for improved methodology and creativity to help participants increase their student engagement and retention on their return to their own schools
  • To provide an opportunity to develop and consolidate participants own language skills
  • To establish contacts between teachers from a variety of European backgrounds and facilitate future networking among these professionals
  • To promote awareness of contemporary Ireland
  • Increased confidence in developing and implementing Project Based Learning in the classroom
  • Greater understanding of students’ needs and improved learner outcomes for their students
  • Increased awareness of the range of uses for successful implementation of Project Based Learning in the school
  • Digital portfolio of Project Based Learning material as a reference for implementing new techniques in participants own classrooms and to facilitate dissemination of the project to colleagues
  • Participation in a real world project focusing on the core stages of Project Based Learning
  • Increased awareness of the possibilities of exploiting easily available texts as a language teaching resource
  • Enhancement of personal English Language skills
  • Sharing of experience and knowledge with professionals from a range of European countries
  • Increased knowledge of Irish history and culture
  • Knowledge of Erasmus+ potential for professional development

Pricing and Fees

Lessons/Hours Per Week
2024 Start Dates
1 Week

25 Lessons
18.75 Hours

Upper Intermediate-Advanced
27th May, 5th August
525 €
1 Week Intensive English + 1 Week

53 Lessons
39.75 Hours

20th May, 29th July
920 €

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Frequently Asked Questions

For optimal engagement, an upper-intermediate level of English is recommended. Otherwise, this course is ideal for language teachers seeking to enhance their classroom methods and teaching skills.

Project-based learning is a great way to enhance the teaching approach of language educators. It allows teachers to integrate language learning with real-world contexts, providing students with meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Through PBL, teachers can develop more dynamic lesson plans that focus on practical skills and knowledge application.

This course takes place in Dublin, or in London for closed groups. Please consult with your local authorities regarding visa requirements for studying the Project Based Learning (PBL) course.

Upon successful completion of the Project Based Learning course, participants will receive a certificate recognising their proficiency in implementing PBL practices in the classroom.

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