Modern Methodologies for the Language Classroom

Modern Methodologies for the Language Classroom

Twin Teacher Training Course

Learn English language teaching methodologies abroad. Language teachers can develop a new classroom approach and assessment abilities for adults.

Gain English Language Teaching Methodologies For the Modern Classroom

Elevate your teaching skills with our course tailored for language teachers. Boost confidence in all aspects of ELT – incorporate modern methodologies like CLT, understand students' needs, explore tech integration, and stay updated on assessment trends.

You’ll also enhance language skills, create a digital portfolio for practical reference and project dissemination, and share experiences with professionals from diverse European backgrounds. Explore Erasmus+ potential for professional development and enrich your teaching experience.

Why Choose Twin?

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Develop Your Classroom ELT Skills

Discover innovative English language teaching methodologies

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Self-Reflection On Your Own Language Teaching Methods

Teachers are encouraged to reflect on their own skills and development.


Boost Your English Language Abilities

Improve your English level with our CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) approach.

Why Study Modern Methodologies for the Language Classroom?

Join our ELT-focused course, available in Dublin or London for closed groups. Tailored for language teachers, it explores modern language teaching methodologies, including the renowned CLT (Communicative Language Teaching).

Suitable for learners of foreign languages, this course combines theory and practical methods, ensuring more valuable lesson execution and a rewarding upskilling experience for educators.

Course Overview

Elevate your classroom skills with our course designed for language teachers. Enhance your knowledge of English language teaching methodologies, with a special focus on Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).

Tailored for non-native English teachers, this course combines theory and practical activities. Immerse yourself in modern foreign language learning, explore research-based teaching, and refine skills for dynamic teaching. Reflect on your practice, experiment with diverse activities, and make language learning engaging for your students.

Fast Facts

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(London for closed groups)

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English Levels

Upper Intermediate-Advanced



One Week

What’s Included?

The Modern Methodologies for the Language Classroom course includes:

  • New language teaching methods and approaches
  • Digital portfolio creation
  • Learner autonomy
  • CLT and CLIL reading
  • Language games / activities
  • Speaking promotion

Objectives and Outcomes

This course is designed for non-native English teachers seeking to refresh or upskill their language teaching techniques and methodologies in the classroom. It's the perfect opportunity for language teachers aspiring to study English abroad and enhance their skills with modern foreign languages, both as a learner and an educator.

  • To familiarise participants with recent pedagogical and classroom technology developments
  • To increase awareness of current trends in assessment for the language classroom
  • To provide opportunities for reflection on their own practice
  • To improve participants’ confidence in their own lesson delivery
  • To develop and consolidate participants’ own language skills
  • To promote awareness of contemporary Ireland
  • To establish contacts between teachers from a variety of European backgrounds and facilitate future networking among these professionals
  • Increased confidence in teaching all aspects of English language
  • Greater understanding of students’ needs
  • Increased awareness of the use of technology in the classroom and the web as a teaching resource
  • Increased awareness of the possibilities of exploiting easily available texts as a language teaching resource
  • Increased awareness of current trends in assessment in the classroom and the implementation of self-assessment, peer assessment and self-reflection
  • Creation of a digital portfolio of projects, tasks and web tools for language teachers as a reference for implementing new techniques in participants own classrooms and to facilitate dissemination of the project to colleagues
  • Sharing of experience/knowledge with professionals from a range of European countries
  • Enhancement of personal English Language skills
  • Increased knowledge of Irish history and culture
  • Knowledge of Erasmus+ potential for professional development

Pricing and Fees

Lessons/Hours Per Week
2024 Start Dates
1 Week

25 Lessons
18.75 Hours

Upper Intermediate-Advanced
3rd June, 22nd July, 9th September
525 €
2 Weeks

50 Lessons
37.5 Hours

950 €
1 Week Intensive English + 1 Week

53 Lessons
39.75 Hours

27th May, 15th July, 2nd September
920 €

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Frequently Asked Questions

For optimal engagement, an upper-intermediate level of English is recommended. Otherwise, this course is ideal for language teachers seeking to enhance their classroom methods and teaching skills.

To fully participate in this language teaching methodologies course, an upper-intermediate level of English proficiency is required.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of completion. Additionally, you’ll have your digital portfolio for skills reference and career enhancement.

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