Twin English Centre Destinations

Twin English Centre Destinations

Study English abroad. Choose an adult English language school in London, the bustling English capital; Dublin, the vibrant Irish capital; or the welcoming seaside town of Eastbourne.

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Your study abroad adventure in London, Eastbourne, or Dublin begins with Twin.

Our London English language school is situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, with easy access to the city centre. Alternatively, the traditional English seaside town of Eastbourne – located between the beach and Seven Sisters Country Park – is a more peaceful, natural environment!

Meanwhile, our Dublin centre, just minutes from the iconic Spire, allows students to explore a vibrant city and Ireland’s incredibly unique culture.

Wherever you choose, our English language schools are here to help you achieve your goals!

Why Study English Abroad With Twin?

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Experience a New Culture

Discover an exciting new new culture, surrounded by native speakers.

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 Choose the Perfect Course For You

We have 20+ years of expertise helping students like you achieve their goals.

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Make Connections From Around the World

Make connections and friendships with people from around the world.

Three English Language Schools to Choose From:

Select the perfect English language learning environment. Each school offers a unique experience, allowing you to choose the right course in the location that suits you best.

Twin London Centre

Discover a modern learning environment in Greenwich, London – a vibrant borough rich in visitor attractions. Our striking school is connected to a leisure and fitness centre, which is available to Twin students at an additional charge. Greenwich is the site of our Head Office and, from here, it’s extremely convenient to explore London and discover all the culture it has to offer.

Twin Eastbourne Centre

If you’re a nature-lover and enjoy the seaside, our English school on the south coast could be the one for you. Immerse yourself in the charm of Eastbourne; our school is a historic mansion converted into a modern learning space, surrounded by beautiful grounds. Located minutes from the sea in the UK's sunniest town, you're also very close to exciting destinations like London and Brighton.

Twin Dublin Centre

Or, perhaps you’ll take advantage of Ireland’s Non-EU working rights in Dublin, its vibrant capital with a young population. Here, you can enjoy the academic journey in an elegant Georgian building right in the centre of Dublin. Experience the city’s social life and explore its beautiful surrounding countryside. Our exclusive 'Academic Year in Dublin' program aligns perfectly with Ireland's welcoming visa policies.

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Whether your English goals are professional, academic, or personal – or a mix of all! – we have the perfect courses to help you achieve your dreams. Find out more and browse our wide selection of English courses below

An Incredible English Language Learning Experience

London, Eastbourne, Dublin: wherever you choose to have your English learning adventure, we’re here to make sure your experience is enjoyable, challenging in the right way, and effective.

Topical Sessions For More Learning

Discussing global topics in a foreign language is a lot of fun. Our topical sessions encourage you to interact and exchange opinions with your classmates.

It’s All About You and Your Choices

We’re dedicated to personalised learning experiences. Your teacher can guide you to focus on the areas that you most need to improve.

Learn English at Your Pace

We’ll help make sure you progress at a pace you’re comfortable with, while still making new friends, enjoying new experiences and exploring local culture.

Relaxed and Flexible Learning Environments

All of our classrooms are modern, light, and comfortable: the perfect learning environment to boost your English skills.

Cultural Immersion Outside the Classroom

Learning doesn’t end at the classroom door. We’re here to help you explore locations and experience culture in a way that is both exciting and safe.

English Language Schools For Young Learners

We also offer courses tailored especially for young learners in London, Eastbourne, and Dublin. Find out more.


We offer a diverse range of courses, including General English, Intensive English, Exam Preparation, and tailored programmes to meet various learning needs and preferences.

Yes, students do have some flexibility to transfer between our locations in London, Eastbourne, and Dublin, ensuring a dynamic and varied learning experience. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about this.

Consider your preferences, goals, and desired cultural experience. London offers a vibrant urban setting; Eastbourne is a more peaceful seaside environment; and Dublin combines city life with Irish tradition.

Yes, we offer various accommodation options, including homestays, residences, and student apartments, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment during your studies.

Depending on the location, you’ll have access to a wide variety of cultural and social activities. This allows you to explore the local culture, make friends, and practice English in real-life situations.

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