Maximising the Potential of Work Experience

Maximising the Potential of Work Experience

Twin Teacher Training Course

Our course for adults helps improve English skills and maximise the value of work experience: for both the teachers who organise it, and the students who participate.

Organise Work Experience & Help Students Develop Careers

Boost confidence in guiding students through international work experiences, and develop skills for effective project planning / monitoring. This course enables you to improve program preparation and skill integration into students' career plans.

Help students present themselves through CVs and interviews, and gain insights into what companies seek in work experience students. You’ll also create a digital skills portfolio and elevate personal language skills while sharing experiences with European professionals and exploring Erasmus+ potential.

Why Choose Twin?

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International Workplace Opportunities

Help prepare students for globalised working environments

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Learn New Skills For Language Teaching

Improve the way you develop, organise, and deliver work experience

Monitor Play

Develop Students’ Soft Skills

Deliver the interpersonal and communication skills vital for careers

Why Study Maximising the Potential of Work Experience?

Learn key concepts in organising international work experience, boosting skills in program development and technology use.

Develop strategies for effective program preparation, expectations management, and skill integration into students' future careers. In addition, enhance your language skills, and build a digital portfolio.

Course Overview

This course, tailored for language teachers, is a practical and hands-on experience designed to maximise the benefits of work experience programs for both educators and their students.

With a focus on preparing students for international work experiences, participants gain valuable skills, such as the best ways to showcase strengths through CVs and interviews. The course helps educators enhance the overall quality of experience for students studying abroad and their readiness for the global workforce.

Fast Facts

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(London for closed groups)

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English Levels

Upper Intermediate-Advanced



One Week or Two Weeks

What’s Included?

The Maximising the Potential of Work Experience course includes:

  • A wide range of topics (eg., CV preparation, interviews, technology)
  • Intensive English tuition, with feedback
  • Group topic presentations and revision sessions
  • Linguistic, strategic, and pragmatic competencies
  • Fluency development

Objectives and Outcomes

This course is designed for educators who organise international work experience programs for students. It’s ideal for language teachers seeking skill development, and is a platform to share best practices with colleagues from across Europe and the world.

  • To familiarise participants with key concepts and issues relating to Work Experience programmes
  • To increase participants’ skill and confidence in developing and planning work experience programmes and in integrating the knowledge acquired by their students into their future careers.
  • Increase participants’ awareness of the requirements of host companies
  • To establish contacts between Work Experience organisers from a variety of European backgrounds and facilitate future networking among these professionals
  • Increased confidence in helping students to benefit optimally from work experience programmes
  • Increased awareness of and competence in the judicious use of technology in developing and monitoring a work experience project
  • Increased competence in developing strategies to optimise programme preparation, manage expectations and plan to integrate the skills acquired by students into their future career plans
  • Increased skills in the areas of preparing students to consider their strengths and present themselves by CV and interview to potential host companies
  • Increased awareness of what companies ideally look for in a work experience student as well as increased knowledge of the work environment in Ireland
  • Creation of a digital portfolio to record work done and facilitate dissemination of knowledge and skills acquired on the course
  • Enhancement of personal English Language skills
  • Sharing of experience and knowledge with professionals from a range of European countries
  • Knowledge of Erasmus+ potential for professional development
  • Greater awareness of Irish history and culture

Pricing and Fees

Lessons/Hours Per Week
2024 Start Dates
1 Week

25 Lessons
18.75 Hours

15th July, 2nd September
560 €
1 Week Intensive English + 1 Week

53 Lessons
39.75 Hours

8th July, 2nd September
920 €

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Frequently Asked Questions

To fully benefit, a minimum upper-intermediate level of English is recommended for language teachers looking to enhance skills in organising international work experience, focusing on soft skills, cover letters, and program development.

Visa requirements vary. Depending on your individual situation and nationality, obtaining a visa may be necessary to study this international work experience course designed for language teachers. Contact us for more detailed information.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate to show their new skills. Additionally, you’ll have your digital skill portfolio, serving as practical accreditation for the acquired expertise in organising work experience, enhancing language skills, and developing career-focused programs.

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