The Art of Verbal Communication: Our English Communication Skills Course

The Art of Verbal Communication: Our English Communication Skills Course

Tailored for adult learners, this course will sharpen your speaking, listening, and conversation skills for real-world applications.

Mastering Verbal Communication: English Communication Skills Course

During this course, you'll enhance your language abilities while also gaining confidence in verbal communication. Our program focuses on real-life situations, ensuring you can effectively convey your thoughts with improved vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation, and comprehension.

Our spoken English classes take place in vibrant cities in the UK and Ireland, offering a unique and engaging environment for improving your communication skills. Embrace the opportunity to master the art of English conversation!

Why Choose Twin?

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Practical Application

Our courses focus on real-life situations, providing opportunities to apply language skills outside the classroom.

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Diverse Learning Environments

With centres in Dublin, Eastbourne, and London, you'll experience locations that inspire learning.

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Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced instructors dedicated to helping you improve your English communication skills.

Why Study Communication Skills?

Designed for collaborative learning, this course enables you to practise and enhance your speaking abilities alongside your classmates. It's an excellent choice if you're looking to further develop your speaking and listening skills in English.

Course Overview

Even with a good grasp of vocabulary, using English effectively can be challenging. The Communication Skills elective focuses on practical speaking scenarios, targeting vocabulary expansion, improved pronunciation, and enhanced grammar usage.

Through engaging activities like group discussions, role-plays, and debates, you'll boost your confidence in expressing yourself verbally in English.

What's Included?

Elevate your English speaking skills with Twin. Our English speaking classes include:

  • Language placement assessment on first day
  • Access to Twin e-Learning platform
  • Diverse, weekly social events and activities
  • Optional progress reports available on request

Fast Facts

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London, Dublin, Eastbourne

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English Levels

Beginner to Advanced


Age Range


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Class Size

Max 15



8/Week (6hrs)

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Weekly Start Dates

Other Available Electives

Our English Communication Skills course is an optional afternoon elective. Also available are:

Pricing and Fees

Lessons/Hours Per Week
1-4 Weeks
5-11 Weeks
12-23 Weeks
24+ Weeks
General English + Communication Skills

28 Lessons
21 Hours

Part Time Communication Skills

8 Lessons
6 Hours



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Develop English Communication Skills in Vibrant Locations

Experience our Intensive English Course in London, Eastbourne, or Dublin. Immerse yourself in language learning in these vibrant cities.

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Frequenly Asked Questions

Twin’s English Communication Skills course is designed for learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Whether you're looking to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, or simply build confidence in conversational English, this course is tailored to your needs.

While having strong writing, reading, and listening skills is valuable, the ability to hold a conversation is equally crucial. If you find speaking English challenging, our dedicated course is designed to boost your confidence, fluency, and accuracy in everyday conversations.

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