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10 Tips for the perfect English pronunciation

Improve your English pronunciation skills with our 10 tips and get yourself closer to pronouncing words without having to think twice!

10 Tips for the perfect English pronunciation

How to improve your pronunciation?

1. Listen to English Pronunciation-Focused Podcasts and Videos

Listening to podcasts and videos is a great way for you to learn pronunciation because you are able to replay them and compare English pronunciations with your own and learn from them.

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2. Record yourself

Don’t only record your voice, but record yourself with a camera to see how you speak, not only hear it. Once you have recorded yourself speaking, compare it with how others pronounce certain words. Even when watching a film, record a sentence and see if you can match the English pronunciation with the tone and of the video. Then you can compare the two and see what you did differently, and try again. This will improve your pronunciation

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3. Break words down into sounds

 Do you know the meaning of ‘Syllable’? Well, Words are made up of syllables. The word “syllable,” for example, has three syllables: syl-la-ble. Turning words into parts can improve your pronunciation. Therefore break up the words you are trying to pronounce or even write them down to help separate the words.

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4. Find a language buddy

It’s so much easier to practice with a friend rather than by yourself, right? So find someone to practice with by having as many conversations in English as you can. This will help build your confidence and English pronunciation skills. It will also give you a chance to try out everything you have learned, because the more you speak, the better you will get.

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5. Copy the experts

 Whoever inspires you, listen to them. Listen to English radio programs and watch television and movies in English. Or listen to motivational speakers. Imitate what you’re hearing – and implement everyday life to improve your pronunciation.


6.Incorporate English reading into Your Lifestyle

If you are reading a book in any language but English, make sure you start reading books that will help with your English Language and help improve your pronunciation . Speak to as many people as you can, even if it’s a general conversation.

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7.  Read words out loud every day

They say practice makes perfect, right? So the more you speak out loud, the more you will learn because you will get used to pronouncing words correctly.


8. Make it fun

Firstly, you have to enjoy what you are learning; otherwise you will find it very difficult. Make learning fun and be motivated to learn!

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9. Practise Little, Often & Everywhere

You don’t want to overload yourself with English pronunciations, because you won’t end up learning anything. Prioritise what you want to learn first, then learn maybe 3/5 words a day. This could be on the train travelling, eating your first meal of the day or even when you’re exercising!


10. Slow Down

There is no rush to learn a language. People often think that speaking fluently means they need to speak fast. You don’t!

Speaking slowly will give you enough time to think about what you want to say, how you are going to pronounce it, and how you will structure your words, so take your time.


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