Dec 4, 2023

London's Festive Delights!

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It’s the season of joy and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by visiting the magical Christmas markets that London has to offer?

This is a great way for you to treat yourself in the city! This is a guide to some of the best Christmas markets where you can feel the festive atmosphere, discover unique gifts and seasonal treats.

When studying abroad you can enjoy the views of London - studying English never looked so good! You can come to the Christmas markets with friends and practice your English!

Here are some of the best London Christmas markets, which start popping up in mid-to-late November. Most close on Christmas Eve or just before. Take the opportunity and visit a Christmas market to soak in the holiday spirit.

Covent Garden Christmas Market

Covent Garden is worth visiting any time of year, but during Christmas it stands out. Covent Garden is one of the most beautiful and festive Christmas markets, with its world-famous Christmas lights with over 40 gigantic bells with bows, 12 giant baubles and 8 spinning mirror balls.


Covent Garden is in the heart of London, which makes it super easy for tourists to visit! The central location is great for people who want to experience the Christmas market as part of their visit to London.

The covered market is covered in gorgeous, unforgettable decorations and filled with shops for your Christmas presents. Music plays and stall owners sell seasonal goods. This is all in addition to regular indoor market with its unique finds.

Something you can’t miss is the huge Christmas tree outside the covered market, which is one of London’s tallest, which is around 60 feet (18m) tall.


In 2023, you can see a hand painted sleigh by British artist James Gemmill on display. You can take a picture with Santa’s sleigh. This is a great opportunity to post a picture of your trip to London!

Don’t forget to visit Magical Wonder World, a forest which is filled with charming and captivating Christmas trees with decorations.

Hungry? There’s a very cool indoor market called 7 Dials Market which serves a variety of delicious food. It’s filled with independent street food and drink vendors in London, and brings together a diverse group of food businesses from around the world.

Be sure to check this all out on your next trip to Covent Garden, London. You won’t regret it!

Greenwich Market

This Christmas Market is 15 minutes away from our London Centre. The market is open all year round, but during Christmas it transforms! This location is close to the Jubilee Line which arrives at North Greenwich, or Greenwich Station on National Rail.


The entire place is filled with lights and lanterns. The covered also has several events during the Christmas period such as meeting Santa and his elves and the lantern parade.

The Christmas market will take place from the 23rd November to 24th December.


Wave, an interactive sculptural light installation by lighting designer, Squidsoup will also be on display. This experience offers unusual displays of festive light this season. You can check it out from the 29th of November.

Greenwich Market offers an amazing Christmas shopping experience, with its dozens of stalls and shops displaying vintage and budget friendly options for your friends, family, or loved ones. In this market you can find one-of-a-kind gifts in the stalls with their hand-crafted products, often from local producers.

The selection of exciting street foods changes daily so looks out for organic and vegan options as well as cakes, biscuits and chocolates.

Southbank Christmas Market

This Christmas market is in an enchanting location by the Thames. You can try the delicious drinks and street food and browse for Christmas gifts. Get ready to dance with their Christmas socials where you can dance with your friends and meet new people!


The luminous art is worth seeing, with a free outdoor Winter Light exhibition. The igloos are also back this year, where you can cosy up with your friends, hot chocolate and cheese fondue, all while enjoying the view from your own glass dome.

Apart from the market, they will be hosting a show at the Royal Festival Hall with the creators of ‘Love Actually’. This is an exciting chance to capture the fun and laughter of Christmas. You can practice yourpr listening skills here in the Christmas spirit and embrace the English culture. This night is to celebrate what makes this year so special.

Trafalgar Square

Don’t forget to check out the amazing Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square get lit up! The 25-metre-high tree is a gift from the people of Norway to London. The Norwegian foresters call the tree ‘the queen of the forest’. This historic tradition has been happening since 1947 and signals the countdown to Christmas in London. The tree stays remaining until the twelfth night of Christmas, and is taken down for recycling.

During this time people are welcomed to join and sing a carol on Trafalgar Square. This is a great way to meet different people and learn Christmas songs in English.

The site is filled with hand crafted goods. Visitors can enjoy a warm drink from the festive bar. It’s a well know spot in the heart of London. Be sure to try the yummy mini pancakes and chocolate fountains. This Christmas market is not as big as the others but still worth seeing and appreciating!

Winter Wonderland- Hyde Park

Don’t forget your tickets!

Why is Winter Wonderland worth visiting? It’s one of the biggest Christmas events in London.


If you’re a fan of adrenaline, the rides and attractions are perfect for you. Just like a theme park, the ride and attractions spread out across the market. This park is so fun to walk around and has endless things to do. The ice rink is perfect festive activity to kick off your Winter Wonderland experience with your friends!

You can also book the Magical Ice Kingdom, crafted by expert sculptors using over 500 tonnes of ice and snow.


Winter Wonderland often features elaborate light displays creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere. Some events have specific light shows and installations. You might also find some live performances such as concerts, carol singing and theatrical productions.

Christmas markets are a lovely way to experience the spirit of the holiday season. From the vibrant stalls with festive decorations, to the smell of roasted chestnuts that fill the air. Each market has its own unique celebration of joy and tradition, and each one is worth visiting.

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