May 22, 2024

There Are Five Types of English Learners: Which One Are You?

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Ever wondered what kind of English learner you are? Keep reading to find out how you can level up your learning!

The Academic

This learner has spent far too much time in the classroom. They can read Dickens, but casual conversation leaves them confused. They can debate world issues in English, and win, but they can’t ask somebody to pass the salt. The Academic spends their time locked away in a library, studying niche grammar rules and archaic words. 

The Academic: When you learn too much through books and ignore the speaking and listening skills

Level up: While studying is essential, The Academic can take this too far. To level up, this learner should step outside of the classroom and put themselves in real world scenarios. Reading and writing are great skills but remember that languages are all about communication!

Slave to the Owl

This learner cannot put their phone down through fear of upsetting an angry green bird. While their 30-day streak suggests that they’re a dedicated learner, their language knowledge is limited to phrases like ‘my dog drinks milk’ and ‘the waiter is eating my croissant’. Still, if the owl is happy, they are happy.

Level up: Gamifying learning is a fantastic way to stay motivated and focused, but an app can only take you so far. Instead of relying on Duolingo and other language learning apps, use them as additional tools. Duolingo is great for practising on your commute, but less effective for learning grammar and pronunciation.

The Translator

The Translator cannot stop searching for definitions. If they see something they don’t understand, it’s straight to Google Translate. They become obsessed with finding the exact equivalent in their native language (which often doesn’t exist) and they struggle to think in English. 

Level up: While it’s important to know exact definitions, The Translator too often gets slowed down by google searches and definitions. When speaking, this learner should try to avoid thinking in their native language. When reading, they should ditch Google Translate and instead, guess the meanings of words through context. 

The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist enjoys the comforts of the classroom and are hesitant to step outside of their comfort zone. They wouldn’t describe it like that, though. In the eyes of The Perfectionist, they are simply not ready to start speaking. The problem is, The Perfectionist is never ready to start speaking. This type of learner cannot stand the thought of a missed subjunctive, so instead, they hide behind their textbooks.

Level up: The Perfectionist knows their stuff, but they lack confidence. While it’s important to brush up on your grammar and be as accurate as possible, focusing too much on accuracy can hold you back and slow down your progress. These types of learners should remember that flawed communication is much better than no communication!

Exam Cruncher

The Exam Cruncher has never heard the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’. This learner has the habit of forgetting all about their English goals until the week, and sometimes the night, before an exam or test. This means they are well known for their all-nighters. They have a mystical ability to cram a month’s worth of content into a week, but as soon as the exam is finished, they’ve already forgotten everything.

Level up: What the Exam Cruncher lacks is consistency, one of the most important things to keep in mind when learning a language. To level up, try creating a (realistic) English routine that incorporates language learning into your daily or weekly schedule. No more cramming! 

While everybody learns differently, the best kind of language learning prioritises variety above all else.

Our English Centre courses give students the best of both worlds: solid foundations in the classroom combined with authentic communication, cultural experiences, and life-changing trips that will make even the most dedicated Duolingo-er forget about their phone.

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