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The Twin experience from the eyes of an English Plus+ Work Experience student

‘Hiya’ - one mystery word out of a hundred which I needed to discover

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A student's account of her time at Twin on our General English course, which she combined with a professional internship in Marketing.

By Verena Jockel; Often I agree to too many things way too hastily. But this time my agreement couldn’t have been quick enough.

But let’s start just at the beginning of all.

It all began last autumn when I was visiting some of my friends on their Erasmus semesters in Spain, Sweden, Norway and Latvia. When I was there, I kept thinking that such experiences, being in a foreign country, getting to know many different people, should be also available to apprentices. And thanks to Erasmus+, I had the chance!

I found a programme where I had the opportunity to go to London for 4 weeks, with a 1 week language course and 3 weeks of work experience.

The first week was amazing; it started with a meeting for all new students. There we were all welcomed to the language school and everything important about London was explained to us.

Hyde ParkAfter all the organizing was complete, the classes began. We were all assigned to English courses which matched our current English level.  I had enormous luck to be part of the best class ever, ever, ever!

Not only the teacher was amazing, the students were lovely too. There could have been no better start! It was really easy to get in touch with them and I never expected that it would be so convenient and amusing on the first day.

The week went on and every day was absolutely wonderful. In class we talked a lot about colloquial and informal speech. We discovered many funny expressions like “Bob’s your uncle”, “how’s your father?” or simply “Hiya ”.

After classes we went out to walk around Greenwich Park and enjoyed getting to know each other. After this breath-taking week my work experience at Twin had to start.

I worked in the work experience and the marketing departments. My first week and a half was with the work experience department; the other half of my internship was in the marketing department.

They welcomed me in such a nice way, showed me around and explained the different departments to me.

As I first worked for the work experience department I had lots to do with the new students who were arriving. I joined the inductions, now as part of the Twin staff, and was there to help the students and act like a contact person to them.

Fish and ChipsIt was really nice having contact with them and seeing all my situations the other way around.

Then I changed to the marketing department and became a part of their team. It was a really incredible and as nice as everything before.

It was a really good experience to go to the UK not only to improve but also to prove my English and working skills. I definitely will miss my varied time here with all new friends and colleagues.

Concluding, all I have to say is that everyone should try to gain as much experience as possible out of his or her comfort zone and in a different environment. It can only be great for everyone because you have the chance to learn so much about yourself, a foreign country and interpersonal relationships.

These experiences, you never ever get by staying at home and now, nobody can take it away from me. I am really grateful for my time in the UK an especially here at Twin.