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Talk with our teacher, Iryna

Iryna's been a teacher in our Dublin Centre a few months now, and we asked her a few questions about her experience with joining us.

Iryna's teaching experience

We spoke with Iryna, one of our newest teachers in our Dublin English Centre about her experience of joining Twin and returning to a career in teaching. We're very pleased to have been able to welcome her to the team this year! 



Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are from, when you started Twin, and which groups of students you are teaching?


I’m from Kyiev, Ukraine, I am a Cambridge certified teacher and trainer, teaching students and I train teachers as well. I used to run workshops for teachers.

Currently I’m teaching adults at Twin at different levels, but I also teach teenagers.

I’m also very interested and passionate about children's rights and developing programmes for children rights. My major was international law and English translation.

Having come to Ireland as a refugee and a person who has fled war, we are all infinitely grateful to the Irish people for what they are doing for us and their support. We have compassionate and thoughtful people around and I’m very lucky to be amongst such great people.


How are you finding teaching English at Twin School Dublin?


First of all when I arrived I realised it was time for me to get back to my favourite job which was teaching, so I started working for Twin and I am grateful to the school for the opportunity to work with them. This job has made a huge difference in my life right now, the atmosphere is amazing.

In Twin, everything is conducive to working and working hard. Everyone and the students can feel it here, everyone here is welcoming, friendly, considerate and supportive.

I’m super excited about working with students from other countries and meeting them, and working in a great team of professionals. I really love it here.


Tell us a bit about your students?


My students come from South America, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, and many different countries.

They all get on really well with each other and love discovering something new about their cultures, sharing their experiences, and it creates a supportive atmosphere and a good connection between students and teachers.

They come here to improve their level of English for their work and jobs and the future.

I can feel we have this responsibility, as it is our duty to help them enhance their career prospects. It is very motivating to know you are the one who can encourage them to move forward. Studying a language is not an easy thing to do, you face lots of challenges on your way and I can see my role as a teacher is to support and encourage them to move on and show them these challenges are a natural part of the process of learning a language.

The teacher's role is to make sure the atmosphere is supportive and conducive to learning as well.