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Top 4 travel apps for London

Download these useful apps whilst you are in London

Top 4 travel apps for London

I’ll be the first to admit that London transport is difficult! It’s the thing that I dreaded the most when I moved here. But thankfully, we all have smartphones nowadays.

Long gone are the days of standing with a map with a confused look on your face. If you are lost in London, there are many travelling apps that you can download and consult, here are our top 4.


 1. Citymapper

My personal favourite app for finding my way around London is Citymapper. It covers all major cities so it can be useful if you are doing some travelling.

Citymapper allows you to plan your journeys and provides you with the fastest route, the cost, how long it will take to get there, and a timetable. The app also has a tube map and a rail map and includes updates on the lines, detailing whether there are any delays.


 2. London Transport Planner

London Transport Planner has a variety of useful features, such as London Tube Map, Travel Updates, Plan a Journey, Bus Arrivals, Tube Arrivals, Taxi Services, Oyster Card and information about the congestion charge. Surely, this will make sure you never get lost again.


 3. London Underground

London Underground is a map of the London Underground and it covers all lines, showing you every station. This handy app can plan your route, give you a live update on the lines, provide directions around London and also can be used to find things to do.


 4. London Travel Guide

London Travel Guide is a wonderful app, ideal for tourist because it has a map, with illustrations of the top spots, such as images of Westminster Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben. It also has a London Sites category, so you can search for whatever interests you most. The app also has mapped out walks and itineraries, depending on what you want to see and how long you have in London.


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