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What to do when you're feeling homesick

Studying English at Twin is a life-changing experience- but when you start to miss home we have a cure!

What to do when you're feeling homesick

Studying English at one of our schools is an exciting experience. You get to travel to new places, meet new people, and improve your English language skills.

But sometimes, especially for our long-term students, it can also be a bit lonely. Luckily – we have just the thing to cheer you up. Food! But, not just any food. Food from home. It might not be quite like your mum use to make it – but it comes pretty close!

Taste like home
What is one of the best parts of being human on this beautiful planet we call home? Meeting others from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of life. And there is so much to discover when the climate affects what grows where and when. It's a brilliant thing since we all grow up eating different foods.

Food and travel
The best part of travelling to the UK or Ireland for an English language course is getting to discover different foods. And luckily – if you can travel, so can the recipes and foodstuff from home! And the best place to find them is at a food market. Now, the best part of food markets is that the whole world is brought together in one place. The worst part is that you can only eat and drink so much in one sitting and more times than not, your hands will be covered in sauce and grease. So, if you are travelling from afar and miss your favourite food (and your mum's cooking) then don't worry because these food markets have the best food from all around the world. It is not only the food that comes from across the globe if you are lucky enough, but it will also be prepared and cooked wonderfully by a native to that country as well.

Be inspired
If you're looking for something to do on a Sunday, or just missing the taste of home –head over to your local food market. Because, while you are here, learning a language and making new friends, your food favourites can be just around the corner. You will have a great time eating great food, shopping and you could even have a chance to socialise with someone from back home - and who does not love that.

Here is a list of some of the best spots to get your food fix. Whether you are studying English in London, Eastbourne or Dublin – we have you covered.

Check them out here: