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Why Study English in the UK?

Find out if studying English in the UK is right for you.

Why Study English in the UK?

English is the world’s most widely spoken language, with nearly 1.5 billion speakers around the world. Job availability in the UK is at an all-time high, which means there’s never been a better time to be an English speaker in Britain. When learning a language, the easiest way to see improvement is to fully surround yourself with it and its culture. For this reason, it’s a great idea to study English in the UK. Even outside of countries that speak English, many companies and industries are making English their main language, in travel and technology. English might be the most important skill you could learn in the modern world. Many jobs require English speakers and many more would prefer to hire an English speaker.

With over 430 schools offering English language courses in the UK, opportunities are everywhere. Learning a language in a place with a variety of accents and speech styles is a fast, natural experience and the best way to learn English. It is not enough to just learn about vocabulary and grammar; learning about culture, people and history is essential to a full understanding of a language. Language schools in London provide the chance to meet and share with a broad range of people and experience culture while you learn English in the United Kingdom. London is the cultural and transport heart of the UK, putting you in the perfect place to visit some beautiful monuments and important destinations. England might be quite a small country, but it has a huge history and personality. There is no shortage of sights to see and destinations to visit here. 

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The United Kingdom’s standard visa allows anyone to visit for up to six months for leisure or education. Longer visas can be applied for if needed and indeed some of the best language schools in the UK offer visa sponsor services. Taking time to visit another country can be a hugely enjoyable opportunity, and learning a new skill or technique can also be a great thing to experience. The UK is in the top ten most popular places in the world to visit, and taking the time to learn the language as you come here can only help with your enjoyment of the country.

Studying at an English language school in England might sound scary, but the truth is, that’s true for everyone you will study with. No matter your background, everyone there has had a similar experience and being able to support each other can really help with the quality of both of your learning. One of the big disadvantages of studying alone or with a single teacher is you don’t get to share experiences with other students and help each other learn.

If language schools in London are not your thing, England is full of beautiful nature and small towns are everywhere. You could always learn English in Eastbourne, a town on the south-east coast of England. Our school in Eastbourne is in a beautiful big 300 year old house called Compton Place. This traditional location creates a very different atmosphere than our London school, rich in history and natural appeal.



Either way, no matter what part of the country you choose to study in, there’s no better way to learn the language than to take English courses in England. Whether you plan to use it to work, or to move on to further education, English is essential. If you’re still unsure about how you want to learn English, you might find our course and location selection helpful.

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