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Care and support for under 18s

Read about what we do to keep our junior students safe and happy

Care and support for under 18s

We have a number of measures in place to make sure our students are safe and happy during their time with us.

Although 16-17 year olds may be enrolled on adult courses, we recognise the need for greater care for under 18s including:  

  • 16-17 year olds attend their own induction.
  • 16-17 year olds have weekly pastoral tutorials with a member of our staff.
  • If a 16-17 year old is absent for 15 minutes during lessons or an activity, we try to contact the student, group leader, host or parent/guardian. If a student staying with a homestay provider is not home by the curfew time, the host contacts the school using the emergency contact number.  The police are contacted within 30 minutes if the student is not found.​
  • Under 16s and over 16s are kept separate during lessons and breaks.
  • Our staff are responsible for the supervision of individual students under 16, whereas under 16 groups of students must be supervised by group leaders.
  • A separate room is provided for junior students at lunch time.

Under 16's

Our staff are responsible for the supervision of individual students under 16, whereas students under 16 in groups must be supervised by group leaders.

  • 14-15 year olds may travel to our teaching centres independently with a letter of consent from parents.
  • 10-13 year olds must always be accompanied on their journeys to and from our centres.
  • Under 16s and over 18s are kept separate during lessons and breaks (unless they have travelled in the same group).

Students wear different coloured lanyards depending on their age. This enables staff to quickly identify students requiring a higher level of supervision.

We also ensure the following:

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Each Twin centre will appoint a Designated Safeguarding Lead. They will be responsible for ensuring that under-18s are given appropriate care at all times and must make sure that all staff have training in safeguarding under-18s.


The centre will have email and telephone contact details for the parents or guardians of all under-18s. We will contact the parents at once if there are any serious problems with their child, for example serious accident or illness, serious bullying or abuse or serious disciplinary problems.

Dedicated Staff

When an under-18 comes to Twin without an adult, the centre will have a named member of staff whose job it is to help and assist that student. The member of staff will get to know the student individually and be available at all times to help the student, provide them with information and answer questions. They will make sure the student participates in social activities as appropriate. This member of staff will also help the student if they have any problems.

Recruiting Staff

Twin will take care to ensure that we do not recruit staff who are not suitable to deal with under-18s. We will take up references before we appoint new staff, and all staff will be checked against police records. All new staff will receive training in safeguarding under-18s.

Staff Code of Conduct

This gives details of appropriate behaviour with and in the presence of under-18s. Among other things, staff must avoid physical contact with under-18s and should never be alone with an under-18 year-old behind a closed door. They must not maintain contact with under-18s via email, photo-sharing or social networking sites such as Facebook. Any member of staff who has or attempts to initiate a sexual relationship of any kind with an under-18 will be dismissed instantly and reported to the police and the vetting and barring service.

Social Activities

Social programmes will contain activities appropriate to the age of students. Risk assessments will be carried out on all activities. Wherever practical, under-18s on off-site activities will be accompanied by more than one member of staff.

If you require more information please read our full Safeguarding and Prevent Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy here