the Principles of Leading a Team

Become the leader you always wanted.

Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Leading a Team

Become the leader you always wanted.

Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers. Effective leaders have the skills to foster trust, loyalty and respect in a team. They can increase teamwork and employee motivation to drive any business forward.

This UK recognised Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Leading a Team is the right course for anyone looking to improve their career prospects. It will equip you with the skills to inspire and lead a team.

Join this course to:

  • Understand the principles of leading a team
  • Understanding different leadership styles
  • Understand different team dynamics
Fast Facts


Average Duration
5-8 weeks

Minimum Age

English Level
Upper Intermediate

Level 2 Certificate

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More information

Our course can help you to become more skilled at leading others and guiding them to achieve greater levels of success and productivity.

Every business whose growth is supported by its employees, need an effective leader to keep the company successful. Progressing into management is a great way to advance in your career - providing direction, and support to teams and individuals. Leadership requires different skills from just getting better in your specialist field. You could be expert in your field yet still not succeed as a leader. Understanding leadership skills, and how to use them in different situations can help you progress to a leadership position faster.


You can start your leadership journey with our course, because you will develop an understanding of business environments, and the principles of business planning. This can help you better manage and assess your team's performance.

What's included?

The course consists of three mandatory units and five optional units developed to help you progress your career. By understanding leadership styles, team dynamics and motivation, you can apply your knowledge and successfully adapt to change. You'll also be able to recognise which management techniques will work best on different teams.


Mandatory Units

Unit 1:

Principles of team leading

Understand leadership styles in organisations

Understand team dynamics

Understand the techniques used to manage the work of teams

Understand the impact of change management within a team

Understand team motivation


Unit 2:

Understand business

Understand organisational structures

Understand the business environment

Understand the principles of business planning and finance within an organisation

Understand business reporting within an organisation

Understand the principles of management responsibilities and accountabilities within an organisation


Unit 3:

Understand how to communicate work-related information

Understand the principles and techniques of work-related communication

Understand how to prepare for meetings


Optional Units

Unit 4:

Understand how to manage performance and conflict in the workplace

Understand the management of team performance

Understand the management of underperformance in the workplace

Understand the principles of conflict management


Unit 5:

Understand customers

Understand different types of customers

Understand the value of customers and their loyalty


Unit 6:

Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace

Understand the implications of equality legislation

Understand organisational standards and expectations for equality and diversity and context in the workplace


Unit 7:

Understand how to deliver customer service and resolve problems

Understand customer service delivery

Understand the relationship between customer service and a brand

Understand the resolution of customer service problems


Unit 8:

Understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues

Understand the principles of effective team working

Understand how to develop working relationships with other teams and departments

How it works

You will receive a registration code that will give you access to our online learning platform. Here you can access your course materials, lessons and resources. After you have registered for the course online, your personal assessor will introduce him/herself to you before you start. They will assess and mark your performance work at every stage. If you need any additional support, you can request this through the system or directly to your assessor. Your progress will be monitored remotely and your assessor can offer tips and guidance to improve your understanding of the course materials and assignments.

All assignments can be completed in your own time, so you can progress at your own pace.


Course price: £725

Booking fee: £25

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Fast Facts


Average Duration
5-8 weeks

Minimum Age

English Level
Upper Intermediate

Level 2 Certificate

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