May 10, 2024

Summer Centre Spotlight: Eastbourne

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Evie Lucas

This week, we’re introducing our Summer Centre in Eastbourne! Students will sleep, eat, and learn in our magnificent 18th-century manor house just a 10-minute walk from the UK’s Sunshine Coast. Known for its relaxed pace, beautiful coastline, and unspoilt landscapes, Eastbourne is a hidden gem with easy access to London’s hustle and bustle. It’s also the perfect place for a cone of fresh fish and chips by the seaside – just watch out for the seagulls!

While Eastbourne is best known for its beaches, more is on the horizon: in recent years, this sleepy seaside resort has attracted new waves of trendy cafes, cultural venues, and independent shops, including the geometric walls of Towner Eastbourne, housing some of the best in UK contemporary art.

The iconic Towner Art Gallery, just a short walk from our Eastbourne summer school

The Sunniest Place in Britain

England might be famed for its drizzle, but Eastbourne bucks the trend as the sunniest place in the UK, thanks to its mild Winters and warm Summers – and where better to enjoy those extra sunshine hours than by the sea? Our location is just a short walk away from Eastbourne Pier, a grand Victorian cornucopia of cafes and shops painted in the town’s signature blue and white. Walk a little further and you’ll find the world’s busiest bandstand, built in 1935. While most bandstands are no longer in use, Eastbourne’s schedule is packed with unique events and tribute acts. A few miles up the coast is Beachy Head, dramatic white chalk cliffs (the highest in Britain!) overlooking East Sussex’s turquoise waters. Hike along the cliffside for dizzying views of the iconic red and white striped lighthouse or keep walking along the coast until you reach Hollywell Beach, decorated with rows of beach huts in their distinctive primary colours.

Did You Know?

  • Eastbourne was crowned ‘Best Place to Visit’ in the UK by TimeOut!
  • Beachy Head has been the backdrop to scenes in some very famous TV shows and movies, including James Bond, Harry Potter, and Luther.
  • Author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, made many visits to Eastbourne. Head to Lushington Road and you’ll even see a blue plaque commemorating his stays.

Living History

Fit for Kings and Queens, our school and accommodation in Eastbourne is Compton place, a beautiful mansion house with over 450 years of history and intrigue. With some of the oldest parts of the building dating from 1544, its rooms have seen many lives, including King George III, who was a frequent visitor in 1780, and Queen Elizabeth II, who stayed in Compton house with her sister as a child in 1946.

The historic Compton Place, home of our Eastbourne summer school

While our classrooms are light and airy, with modern facilities, they still carry the marks of history – sometimes literally. Look closely and you might notice the signature of German princess, Alexandra of Hesse, etched onto one of the windows with her diamond ring in 1892. Compton Place also has special ties to the town itself: the seventh Duke of Devonshire used the house as a summer home in the 1830s and 40s. Eastbourne’s peaceful seafront is in part thanks to the Duke, who insisted that there should be no shops by the beach.

Beyond Eastbourne

Language learning is more than vocabulary drills and grammar exercises. On our summer courses, students get the invaluable opportunity to practise their language skills outside of the classroom on unforgettable excursions to other UK destinations.

Just an hour away is Eastbourne’s livelier neighbour, Brighton, where students can enjoy the UK’s most iconic pier and browse the city’s maze of quirky shops and cafes.

Students will also visit Hastings, home to a vast network of caves formed around 14,000 BC during the Ice Age. Smuggler’s Cove tells the story of the pirates and bootleggers who once traversed these tunnels hundreds of years ago.

Finally, a trip to the UK wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the most iconic cities in the world, London, a metropolis of renowned museums, captivating histories, and exciting attractions.

Interested in our Eastbourne Centre? Click here for more information.

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