Twin English Courses for Adults

Twin English Courses for Adults

Unlock your potential with our Adult English courses. Engaging learning and cultural discovery with our programs in Dublin, Eastbourne, and London, tailored for English language learners.

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Part Time English

If you can’t attend a full-time English course, you can begin your English language journey with part-time options taught in our centres in London, Dublin, and Eastbourne.

Part Time English

Group English

Our General English course offers the flexibility to choose your location. This means you can immerse yourself in the rich culture and language environment of your preferred destination.

Group English

Professional Development for English Teachers

Increase your teaching skills with our comprehensive English teacher training and development courses.

Professional Development for English Teachers

Using Technology in the Classroom

Ready to enhance teaching with technology? Empower students through interactive lessons.

Using Technology in the Classroom

Practice of Project Based Learning for Language Teachers

Improve your language teaching approach with Project Based Learning techniques.

Practice of Project Based Learning for Language Teachers

Maximising the Potential of Work Experience

Delivering work experience programs: organise courses to enhance students' career-readiness.

Maximising the Potential of Work Experience
Theory and Practice of CLIL

Theory and Practice of CLIL

Modern Methodologies for the Language Classroom

Study ELT classroom methods abroad. Develop new teaching and assessment skills.

Modern Methodologies for the Language Classroom

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English Courses For Young Learners

Here at Twin, we offer English courses for young learners under 16. With programs offered across 8 locations, our courses focus on language skills and provide an unforgettable experience for international students.

Our Teaching Methodology and Ethos

At Twin, we focus on enhancing your reading, writing, communication, fluency, and conversation skills. Our goal is to boost your confidence in using English effectively in your daily life by the end of the course.


Tailored Programmes

Personalised support and assessments; teachers provide progress tests, tutorials, and assistance to help reach your goals.

Chalkboard Teacher

Immersive Learning

Lessons with real-world language application. Problem-solving and creativity to enhance English skills beyond the classroom.

Monitor Play

E-Learning Portal Access

Access our e-learning portal for 3 months after course completion.
Tests and resources to continue your learning journey.

Book Open Text

Project-based learning

Our teachers employ project work and the communicative teaching method to improve your English language skills.

Our Adult English Courses: FAQs

Rest assured, our schools hold the highest standards of academic excellence. Both London and Eastbourne centres have been accredited by the British Council and the London centre by ISI. Meanwhile, our Dublin Twin English Centre holds ACELS accreditation. These certificates represent our commitment to providing high-standard education for adult English language learners.

Yes, absolutely! Here at Twin, our English courses for adults go beyond the classroom, offering opportunities to explore and discover new cultures. From local trips to talking with native speakers, our programmes provide an immersive cultural experience to complete your language learning journey.

Depending on the location, many accommodation options are available with the Twin English Centres and can be included in the total price. Whether it's homestay or residential accommodation, we offer comfortable and convenient living arrangements to enhance your overall learning experience.

Start your English language learning journey with confidence. Our courses begin with a comprehensive placement test and a personalised one-to-one assessment conducted by a senior teacher. This ensures you are precisely placed at the best level to achieve your language goals. Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate and attendance report, and to support your ongoing progress, you'll have three months of access to our e-Learning portal.

Choosing the right English course is essential for your educational journey. Whether you're advancing your education, enhancing your career prospects, or seeking a memorable experience in our exciting locations in England or Ireland, here at Twin, we offer a diverse range of courses tailored to various skill levels. Take a look at our level guide, or connect with us directly to discuss your specific requirements. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect course.

Regular assessments, feedback sessions, and progress reports are all big parts of our adult English courses. These are designed to help you understand your unique strengths and areas for improvement; ensuring a focused and personalised learning experience.

Flexibility is key here at Twin – if your plans change, we understand. Depending on availability, we may facilitate transfers between our English Centres, allowing you to experience different locations without compromising your language learning journey.

Here at Twin, we understand that learners come with diverse skill levels. Our courses are designed for various proficiency levels, ensuring there's a suitable option for everyone. For specific details regarding entry requirements, visit our website or get in touch with our team

Starting your English learning adventure is exciting, but it’s important to understand your individual visa requirements. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with the visa application process, ensuring a smooth start to your educational journey. Contact us to determine whether you’ll require a visa for your chosen location and course.

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